JIMS Management

Founder Mr.C.V.Jeyaraman

Jeyamalli International School CBSE is the brain child of “Sree Jeyamalli Educational Charitable Trust “It is the fruit full outcome, a dream come true of our Trust founder Mr.C.V.Jeyaraman, a philanthropic industrialist the Owner-Director of a group of industries. His foremost objective is to establish a school wherein the future creators of a peaceful, harmonious world emerge successfully. His long time aspiration is to impart quality education which will bring forth the future citizen of India and the whole world. These students would be made to self-learn with guidance by dedicated passionate teachers. Their inquisitive, innovative thinking would lead to gaining real, valuable holistic knowledge which will lead them to sure all round success.

Dr.Malli Jeyaraman

MA,B.Ed, M.Phil, PhD During her tenure of more than 3 decades of teaching had found the students lagging in the ability to understand and also to retain the learning which takes place for 14 years in school. Her aim is to establish a school which gives utmost importance to develop the learning ability of the children. Each child is Unique and requires specific method of learning. Dr.Malli wishes to make pioneer initiatives to make the teacher student ratio suitable to cater to one to one attention in the early classes. Once the children become confident and capable of teacher supported self-learning then there is no going back for them to reach the stars which they aim to conquer.

Mrs. J.Kameshwari Vivek

BE,ME is instrumental in the origination of an organization for the great cause of education. Her foray into education is to bring in the modern innovative teaching techniques. She made pioneering contribution to philanthropy, education, innovation and research. Her generosity of spirit is simply astonishing. She brings her unique ability to navigate complexity and uncertainty exemplifying the values of team work, initiative, commitment and continuous improvement. She strongly believes in ensuring all Jeyamallians to enjoy a share of the fruits of education.