Clubs, Sports & Fine Arts


We at JMIS focus on a child’s all round development – Physical, mental and cognitive abilities. We offer the following clubs for the holistic development of students. Every student should take up a hobby club and achieve below mentioned things

Photography & Movie Making Club Produce a short film which should be screened at National level film festivals
Debate Club Participate in National level & international Level Model United Nations
Creative Writing Club Publish a Book/ Magazine
Maths Club & Science Club Participate in all national level competitions like Olympiads, Quiz competitions
Karate & Yoga Club Participation in State level & National level Championships
Instruments Club Participation in State level & National level Music Bands
Robotics Club Participation in State level & National level Robo Championships
Students can create their own hobby club, necessary infrastructure and support will be provided


Teams and individual sports play a vital role in developing physical, intellectual, social and emotional well – being

    Our sport facilities include

  • Badminton Court
  • Skating Rink
  • Basket Ball Court
  • Cricket
  • 400 Meter running track
  • Play Area

Fine Arts

To activate right brain thinking/ creativity among our students we make them engage in Fine Arts like ART, DANCE & MUSIC