Our JMIS campus is designed by recognized architects to provide an environment and resources vital for the 21st century education. The infrastructure aims at balancing academic & non- academic development needs of a child

JMIS Approach & Learning Eco-System (4P)

PEER LEARNING: Child centered concept through ‘MIRER’ approach for academic excellence

PASSION: Encourage to follow a Passion through hobby clubs. Whereas ART/Dance/ Music are compulsory sessions.

PHYSICAL FITNESS: Special focus on all kinds of Sports, Yoga and Karate by forming school teams with regular intra school and inter school competitions. We follow international standard curriculum.

PUBLIC SPEAKING: Every student is a Public Speaker. Public Speaking is a subject in our school which every student must take.

JMIS Advantage

  • State of the art Labs, Library and Play grounds
  • Smart Classrooms
  • School buses with GPS tracking
  • Special focus to co-curricular & extra-curricular activities
  • Individual Focus
  • Low student-to-teacher classroom ratio (1 : 15) ·
  • Developing multiple intelligence
  • Scientifically designed curriculum for academic and non academic streams
  • Emphasis on concept development
  • 20 % of campus area dedicated practical learning
  • Extremely caring and learned staff
  • Stress free learning environment
  • Dedicated research and quality team
  • 2 acres campus with world class facilities
  • Professional sports, performing arts, fine arts facility

Research & Innovation

Research and innovation Understanding how crucial right kind of education is, we have a team, which is solely dedicated towards formulating a well organized, quality academic curriculum and breaking them into simplified modules for better understanding of children. We use educational global best practices to enhance our curriculum and build innovative learning tools to continuously improve experience for students, parents and teachers.